Being single has its pros and cons.  One of the biggest cons is that nearly everything takes just that little longer to do.

Those who are married usually have someone to share the workload with and so they sometimes fail to understand how hard it can be at times when you on your own.  They tend to focus on the aspect that if you are single you have plenty of time to do what you want to do and don’t realise that a lot of singles have to do the same things they have to do in order to live from day to day.

Even though a single parent may have someone to help them out but there is a lot they have to do by themselves.  They have the extra burden of trying to raise children without the support of a spouse.  Then there are those older singles, who either by choice or life just happening to them end up on their own with no-one to turn to for help.

The burden of doing everything on your own can be overwhelming at times.  Singles get tired and start wishing that they had someone to help. This desire for someone to help could lead us to make wrong choices where a potential husband or wife is concerned.  The Bible reminds us that in times like this we should turn towards God…

Cast your burden on the Lord, And He shall sustain you; – Psalm 55:22a (NKJ)

While it is true that you still have to do the physical labour, God will provide whatever else you need to keep on going and persevere.  It is through perseverance that you become stronger which will help you with future challenges.  You also learn to depend on God more as you realise that things aren’t that difficult as they seem to be.

In a way, taking just that little bit longer to do things is a pro to being single as we have the time to learn how to depend on God more as we live from day to day.