Less or More

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. – Jeremiah 17:7

Imagine that you have just met someone and you find him or her very attractive.  You feel attracted to them but your mind tells you otherwise.  All you hear about this person are things that don’t put them in a positive light but yet your heart wants to think the best of that person.  So begins another battle in the war of Less and More.

The war of Less and More involves a number of battles, not just the one of our heart against our mind where a potential partner is concerned.  In the desire not be lonely, successful, financially secure, etc. we sometimes give in to what we feel or think is right only to find out that we have to surrender to Less.

Less is just settling for something that in reality is below our best and opting for the easy choices.  We are blinded by what we think looks good at the time.  In some cases, our desperation for a better life leads us to make the wrong choices based on how we feel and not what common-sense and most importantly what God is telling us.

God uses others in the battle of Less and More to warn us about the dangers of going down a certain path and giving into our initial feelings.  We ignore what are friends are saying and only think about following our feelings.  Your mind keeps screaming NO but you don’t listen because the person you are attracted to makes you feel good when they smile at you.

In order to win the war of Less and More, we need to start doing things to get us on the winning side.  More is what God has and wants for you.  He wants to bless you abundantly and give you more than you could ever hope for.  The problem is that it is much harder to get over to More’s side.  We have to fight against the feelings we have, listen to what people are telling us and most important of all, take our cares and concerns to God.

Even though the answer God has for you is not the one you think you want, He will give you the strength you need to help suppress the feelings of attraction that beckon from the Less side.  Even though the way may be littered with failed attempts or disappointments you can rest assured that at journey’s end you will be on More’s side.  You will have all that God has planned for you because his plan is far better than we can ever imagine.

It will hurt and it will take time but no matter what you have to remember that you shouldn’t settle for Less but you should settle for More – God’s best for your life.

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